UFC 189 McGregor vs Mendes Championship Fight Predictions

It’s a beautiful Saturday. I am about to eat some meat, sit outside and enjoy a great BBQ with friends, but before I do I must post my UFC 189 Prediction for the title fights.

McGregor vs Mendes

Both men are phenomenal athletes in their respective discipline/styles and either one has a chance to win regardless of my take. The classic striker vs grappler shows up again.

That said, I have Mendes by decision. Simply gonna put it that Conor has a punchers chance (albeit a great one at that considering his pedigree) but Mendes is just extremely strong, ridiculously fast and I believe he has the speed advantage. It is REALLY hard to punch and kick when your forced back and grinded ‘DC style’ against the cage. I believe that to be the Faber/Mendes perspective on how to counter McGregor and win. Why stand with an elite striker? Do like Chael did to Anderson and force McGregor to reach into his bag of tricks early and often. That said, the Irishman is one talented young man with undeniable spirit and technique. Just because we don’t know how good McGregor’s ground is doesn’t mean its not awesome or clutch.

My ONLY worry (more for fairweather fans than me because I don’t care) is that its “boring” because McGregor’s guard is great, but that Mendes doesn’t have much to beat it, so he resorts to lazy ground and pound/half guard type position control to eak out a decision.

McGregor, prove me wrong man, I’d love to see it. Both men have what it takes to be the interim champ. Beating Aldo….well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

In general, one phrase sums this fight up in a nutshell. “Range control.” Whoever wins that, wins the fight in the grand scheme of things.

Lawler vs MacDonald

I could totally see this fight going either way.

The way I see it, no one can question how hard Lawler hits. On the same token, no one can question how truly well rounded MacDonald is as a fighter. So there lies the conundrum.

But there is one difference. Explosiveness. I see this being in the favour of the Champion Lawler. Rory MacDonald is so technical, experienced and composed inside the cage, but I don’t see that being enough to stop one of Lawlers classic leap in and hooks.

3rd round TKO in favour of Robbie as I believe he has that Championship experience to wait for his time and unload the cannon.

Man this was not easy to pick and I hate going against my fellow Canadian, but experience tells me Lawler is very, very, very hungry for this defense too. He’s proven alot to any doubters, but he still wants to be one of the best Welterweights ever.

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday everyone and wear sunscreen!!


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