Bessie Coleman, The Famous Female Black Pilot… Born Before World War 1?

This idea seems completely far fetched and almost absurd, but life is full of surprises! Considering the cultural and technological conditions of this time period, I never figured I’d stumble across a female black pilot during this era, but in fact Bessie had it goin’ on! How cool is this!? Here’s a snippet of what I discovered.

Bessie Coleman was the world’s first black woman to earn her piloting license. She was born in 1892 in Atlanta, Texas. Now, she did attempt to earn her pilot license in the United States, but her being black didn’t allow for her to register into any American aviation schools. Therefore, in order to achieve her goal she traveled to France and studied. Not only did she become a pilot there, but she also was a parachutist and stunt pilot. This is one cool woman! Unfortunately, Bessie died in a plane accident in 1926 at age 34, but her legacy lives on and she is an inspiration to blacks, women and dreamers everywhere.

Bessie Coleman, a true inspiration and pioneer!

Check this link out if you want the full story. See you tomorrow with another story in culture and history!


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